Blogger of the Month: Chiara Ferragni


Recipe for a Blogger Salad


  • a fashion girl;
  • a huge amount of elegance;
  • some dreams to come true;
  • style and glamour to taste;
  • intelligence;
  • a pinch of business attitude;
  • the city of glamour ;
  • and….. obviously, fantastic clothes!


Take the teenage glamour girl and her dreams; mix them all together with the Mecca of the fashion world, Milan. Now, give her a computer, a blog to express herself and cook all them in the web oven for a couple years.
While you are waiting, prepare to part a cream made with the huge amount of elegance, intelligence. a pinch of business attitude, glamour and style to taste.
Don’t forget to check the oven! Bring her out when she is became blond, tall, gorgeous and fun! Now decorate her with the magic cream that you have made previously.

Here you have your Blond Salad: a girl who has create her own kingdom in the sparkling realm of the fashion world.

Serve on the most fantastic magazines surrounded by Chanel bags, Louboutin shoes, Dior accessories… and the it-sunnies of the moment! All the stuff that a girl may dream!



Dear Chiara,
You have been an inspiration for us, the symbol of a new woman who creates herself following only her dreams, her passions and believing in her potential.

Thank you honey, I hope to meet you soon.



From Las Vegas to Las Vegas



E. likes so much Chiara, her style, truthfulness, and spontaneity, that she decided to send her two pairs of Prada sunnies: the White Baroque and the one with the 50s taste in a special creamy limited edition.





Santa Monica and Venice Beach



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