Cannes: mix and match memory game



If you are like me, the red carpet of Cannes is an obligatory appointment of the year! As at the Golden Globe we can admire all the most amazing celebrities in the world wearing the most amazing dresses in the world. Too much beauty at one time!

Well, this year, I’ve decided to have more fun creating a sort of memory game: I took the best looks and I matched with them the best sunglasses that you can find on

Are you ready to play with me?















Let’s Start with…. Nicole Kidman! I matched with her Dior dress a pair of Prada bicolor sunglasses in rose and ivory! Romantic!




















For Cara Delevingne I’ve chosen these amazing black Prada Swing sunglasses: aggressive and chic as she is!






















Marion Cotillard is a mirage in this dress, you can’t understand if she is real or not and you can just say that she is beautiful. For her, this pair of Prada Poeme in Ivory 

























The metallic dress of Alessandra Ambrosio deserves a pair of sunglasses made to sparkle… like these Dsquared Swarovski limited edition sunnies. 



















Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Carey Milligan couldn’t resist to the fascination of black and white! So, for all of them, I suggest a pair of Prada Timeless sunglasses 2013
























Doutzen Kroes has chosen a pink Versace and, for her, I think, it would be perfect a pair of rose Dior….



















Dita Von Teese, as the example of sensual beauty, couldn’t resist to wear this red Elie Saab. In order to intensify her allure, I’ve decided to match her outfit with a pair of Prada Poeme in havana tortoise. 




















miu miu dress and miu miu glitter sunglasses for the iconic singer Florence Welch! You rock girl!

















Last but not least, for Milla Jovovich, surrounded by Chanel flowers, a little bit of the Prada ones! Prada Poeme 2013 in black