Checkmate the King! : next Spring/Summer Damier Trend


Are you a good Fashion Chess player?
If you are not … maybe, it’s better to batten down the hatches!
But you are lucky today! I prepared for you a simple guide to follow word by word!

Do you want to survive the new trend of the “damier”? Be careful then, sometimes this game can be really cruel!





E’s Vintage Private Collection



1)    The King: it’s the main piece! If you loose it, you are defeated… but, in a fashion battle, checkmate is not the worst thing that may happen! Coco said: “L’homme peut porter tout ce qu’il veut, il restera toujours un accessoire de la femme.” (“A man can wear whatever he wants, he will always remain a woman’s accessory.”), the problem is if another girl wears, on the chessboard, your same King! If you know what I mean…



E’s Vintage Private Collection


Alain Mikli



2)    The Queen: she always walks by the King’s side, but, if, he can move just once, the Queen can go wherever she wants, she can do whatever she wants, and she can wear whatever she wants! If the King stands in the chessboard just to be defeated, the Queen has the power to change the rules and the result of the game.



E’s Vintage Private Collection



3)    The Tower: it follows always the Queen, usually under her feet, in order to make her: taller, sexier and more beautiful! The towers, better if with a red sole and by a French designer, could be the “coup de théâtre” which makes the King kneeling in front of the Queen’s feet.



E’s Vintage Private Collection



Last but not least…

4)    The Horse: it can move just following an L path: Long skirts, Luxurious accessories, Luminous make up, Lady aLLure, Laughing mood, Longuette…and, of course LUNETTES!
















I’d like to thank Daniele Corbelli for the chess board picture.