The model Camille Rowe embodies the character of the Dior Poison Girl

Who else but Camille Rowe could have embodied the alluring and nonchalant femininity of Poison Girl? At twenty-six years of age, and with one hundred and twenty-eight thousand and counting Instagram followers, the model represents a generation of uninhibited, fun-loving, optimistic young women. « Liberté, égalité, sensualité” Liberty, equality, sensuality, her account reads, like the motto for a playfully pop feminism. Having appeared alongside Robert Pattinson in the Romain Gavras-directed Dior Homme film of 2013, the young woman now plays a super sexy Poison Girl for So Me’s camera.






Director, music producer and graphic designer, famous for his collaborations with Justice, Kanye West and Kid Cudi, So Me directs the Poison Girl campaign as a manifesto for seduction 2.0. The action plays out in the rooftop setting of the Boom Boom Room, one of the hottest nightspots in the city that never sleeps. In a scene pulsing with lights, music and the sound of wailing sirens in the distance, an edgy mix of people grinds and dances to some banging Brodinski beats. The ambiance is both glam and extravagant, sexy and sultry – a very Dior party, in other words. Then suddenly a dazzling glance cuts through the crowd. She is like an apparition, all sensuality and coolness. He lets himself fall under her spell. She leads the game, drawing him in and pushing him away, elusive, seemingly unattainable. Who is this girl? Forcing his way into her digital life, he gazes fascinated as her image is multiplied to infinity. An undeniable mirage 2.0, she changes her appearance, moving in front of and behind the camera lens, a chameleon corresponding to the filters coloring her character. Her state of existence is undoubtedly there, between real and virtual, real and fantasy. Between Instagram feed and stream of consciousness. But the images give way to reality. The seductress embodied by Camille Rowe appears, confident and empowered, a black jacket worn open with nothing underneath. “I’m not a girl. I’m Poison”she says. It’s time for some face to face action. But what happens next is left to the viewer’s imagination, like a floral and gourmand scent floating in the night air.


source: DIOR POISON GIRL FRAGRANCE www.dior.com