Dolce & Gabbana strips: last days of summer




Hi everybody! How are you?
I’m fine actually even if it’s freezing here! XD Yes! Because I’m not in Italy anymore! I’ll spend my third year of university in Ireland! I’m so enthusiastic about it! I love this place and the people here are really kind! Well… I love it, even if it’s cold, and the weather is wet and my hair is always a mess!

Anyway…  I’ll post some pics soon but, for now, I want to reminisce my last summer days in Italy, and what is more Italian than Dolce&Gabbana!















Chanel titanium sunglasses























































































Chanel titanium sunglasses





Chanel titanium sunglasses






Chanel titanium sunglasses












































Lavish Alice Skater Dress In Stripe







Oasis Stripe Crop Bra Top







Oasis Stripe Latern Dress










I was wearing:

Dolce&Gabbana dress
Chanel titanium sunglasses
Céline bag
Hogan sandals
Chanel bracelet

Thanks Alex D