miu miu 70s touch NEW GLITTER sunglasses


Italy  16th August 2012


It was 5:00 pm when I entered in E’s office.
Come in!” she said. I set in front of her while she was still watching her iMac.
I have some ideas for a post about the new miumiu collection and…” I started reading notes on my agenda, but she stopped me: “Yes! Miumiu has just sent me an e-mail with the new campaign… so 70s!” she turned to me and she smiled, her eyes lost as if she wasn’t watching me, but she was looking at something away.
70s? I caught a vintage taste looking at the campaign, but I had in my mind something different…
Exactly, what do you mean?” I asked. I was sure that she wasn’t just referring at the clothes.
Well… I remember the 70s! The era of total freedom, hippies, euphoria, boys/girls equal rights and peace&love had just started! We fought for it and, at the end of the 60s, we realised we had a huge power in our hands, we just needed to know how to use it” she stopped and returned to watch the screen.
Everything was possible! The designers started to create iconic objects, the clothes had crazy patterns, the miniskirts became the symbol of a new woman and everything was brown, orange, red, Bordeaux, ochre… and, don’t forget wallpaper everywhere!
I was captured by her story and I felt like I was still 10 years old listening to a fascinating fairytale.
We experienced a revolutionized culture, where round eyeglasses and sunglasses, as the Lennon’s ones, were no more just for men, but for girls too! I think that this is what Miuccia means with this new collection: like then, now, a new world is starting” then she stopped talking and kept concentrate on the screen.
I didn’t say anything, my mind was lost imagining a girl dressed in red, wearing round sunnies and listening to a Brionvega radio.
That’s all! I think you have enough material to work on it” E smiled and stopped my daydream.
Yes!” I said and I went back home starting to write.









Cernobbio – Ville Erba







E.’s vintage private collection


















Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick in “Factory Girl” 2006




Hi Charlie!

Who have never desire to be a Charlie’s Angels??? Next season everyone can be a modern Farrah Fawcett!

Ladies I have to tell you… I am in love with the trends for fall!
So even though the summer may be at its end, the fall-winter Miu Miu collection and their  glittering and fun accessory will let you dazzle right into the autumn season.

With their curvy shape and warm color the Miu Miu sunglasses can give you a gorgeous touch of style… so cool so seventy! I know that you think the same… Giotto had drawn a perfect one but Miuccia transformed the circle in something marvelous!

Anyway ladies remember that you are like stars and so you need to twinkly!



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