Eating lemons…tasting summer…Sicilian passion… Prada Poem(e)




When I saw this Dolce&Gabbana dress I couldn’t resist! And, if my purse is crying now, I’m really, really, really HAPPY!

It isn’t necessary to say that I also adore this combination with Prada Poeme sunglasses :) The colors of these new collection are bright, intense and really deep. In this post I’m wearing them in purple and red, but, get ready, next week, I’m gonna show you the blue nuance (with another Dolce&Gabbana look!).


So, enjoy the post, guys! :)




P.S. This is the first time that we collaborate with Two A Photography! I really like these pictures! Let me know what you think :)


























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I was wearing:

Dolce & Gabbana dress (thanks to Alex D)

Prada Poeme sunglasses

Chanel bracelet

Handmade earrings

Photos:  TWO  A Photography 





  • Skygirl34

    I want this dress!!!!