Marc Jacobs: Objects as Sculptures


Marc Jacobs can transform an ethereal wish, as a perfume, in a sculpture.


In the glamour world of fashion to create a beautiful shapes just for the pleasure of watching them is not new at all.


Sometimes, totally unuseful, created by the millionaire world of fashion, that we admire, just for a pure sense of marvel .


Yes I know is needless, unwearable but is just marvelous!! That’s part of the game of fashion .


That image stuck in our memory, just like the name of the designer that made it only for our pleasure of astonishment and marvel.


Beautiful objects created to jump out of boring fashion magazines


Marc jacobs is the first to do it with sunglasses!


Other designers produced shocking sunglasses but always made to be wore (often by Lady Gaga).


Marc Jacobs is the first to create one model as a pure object, as a real sculpture!


In fact they weigh like a sculpture! You can’t wear them! But they certainly will become popular!


What a Genius Marc !
Great chess player.













Marc Jacobs 2013 sunglasses collection are on the same wavelenght of the Sculture dot model, but very much more wearable! Actually we think is the best collection we have seen so far and we promise you we will show you more in the next future .






































































Tylor Swift in Marc Jacobs



















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