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by Giulia De Martin


From Vogue Japan to Numero Tokyo, from Style.com to The Guardian… Misha Janette is, without any doubt, one of the most celebrated young fashion journalists of the world.

We had the pleasure to interview her for you. However, first, a little bit of her bio!


Born in the US, based in Tokyo since 2004. Misha graduated from Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College which counts Yohji Yamamoto and Tsumori Chisato as graduates. She is now a fashion journalist, stylist, and founder of lauded fashion blog Tokyo Fashion Diaries.

Misha is lead fashion writer for The Japan Times newspaper,  and contributes to SO-EN, style.com, Numero Tokyo, Vogue girl Japan, The Guardian UK, Wallpaper*, and many others. She has styled for a number of Japanese musicians, and most recently Nicki Minaj for costumes for her first world tour “Roman Reloaded”. Her fashion blog shot to the top of the ranks in Japan thanks to its features on avant garde Japanese designers, street wear and other artists writing in English, Japanese and Chinese. Now she embarks on another journey as designer of the world’s first high-fashion accessory wig brand Plumb, working from her studio in Tokyo.

Source: http://mishajanette.com



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Enjoy the interview


Where do you start to create an outfit?

Well, I can tell you it never starts with something as simple as the dress! I tend to focus on legs or accessories– I love design tights and accessories are so important to me. Sometimes I’ll build an entire outfit around a necklace or hat, too.

Does the right pair of glasses make the difference?

Yes! Sometimes I go through like 10 pairs before I can feel confident to leave the house. It will be like: “this is too retro”, “this one is too snobby”, “this one is not colorful enough”, “this is too cartoony….”.

Which are your favorite at the moment?

I have a huge wall area where I hang up and organize all of my sunglasses by style/trend. Right now I love Aviators and mirror-lens glasses. For the latter, they keep people from being able to see your eyes (so you can stare, of course) AND they come in so handy for checking your makeup in the mirror. I’ve caught one or two lashes falling off just in time. Haha.
I actually picked up a pair of iamitalian mirror lenses recently for my collection!


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Do you remember your first pair of sunnies?

Oh my god….I`m sure they were plastic and covered in Disney Characters and I probably thought I was the coolest thing since boxed apple juice.

Which are the mistakes that you can avoid when you dress up?

Not feeling confident. Dress up, dress down, just make sure you are at LEAST 99% feeling GOOD in it! I used to ignore TPO (times, place, occasion) but now I`m a little more conscious of it and feel much better in how I look in any given situation.

What’s in your bag?

Honestly I don’t carry one these days. I have an iPhone case that opens like a wallet. I have my credit card, train pass, gym card and ID and it’s all I need. I keep lip gloss in a jacket pocket (I never know what color is gonna be in there..haha).

What do you like of Italy and Italians?

It was so lovely, the terrain is so varied! I usually only get to see Milan so I was stunned by the glorious scenery outside of the city. I love hanging out with italians because they’re easy going… I’m a little more reserved and the observant type so they’re the yin to my yang I guess! And they have some kickin’ cuisine.

Tell us three things that people don’t know about you.

–I don’t own any clothes in brown,taupe,beige
–I prefer science and tech blogs to fashion ones
–I am awesome at 90s Karaoke



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All the picture above are from http://instagram.com/mishajanette