Mix and Match: play with the Golden Globes red carpet





I couldn’t resist to write a post about the Golden Globes! I love cinema in general and I love fashion too, so this is the occasion (with the Oscars) where my two passions are put together!

So, as usual, here my top list of the best dressed, with the top list of the sunglasses of the moment! :)

What would I do to wear dresses like these T.T !…. however, I enjoy my sunglasses… for now! ;P















Prada Ornate for Jennifer Lawrence!

I’m Jennifer Law’s fan! Really! She is amazing and she seems to be indeed a normal, even if incredibly beautiful, girl.

I’ve chosen the Prada Ornate sunglasses in black and white because I think she has the personality to wear them!



Prada Absolute Ornate sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com 





Prada Absolute Ornate sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com 
















Taylor Swift in Alexander McQueen

She is definitely one of the most stylish person in the world! She is elegant, self-confident and so chic that, sometimes, I remain, when I see her pics, completely speechless.

Even Alexander McQueen makes me remain speechless, most of the times! :)



Alexander McQueen butterfly sunglasses –  www.iamitalian.com 





Alexander McQueen butterfly sunglasses –  www.iamitalian.com 












 Amy wears Prada


Inspired by her simple and elegant dress, I’ve chosen, for the incredible Amy Adams (go to the cinema to watch American Hustle because it’s outstanding!), this pair of Prada sunglasses of the 2014 collection.

This pilot frame is really sharp, but refined and chic at the same time! Don’t you think?


Prada sharp pilot sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com




Prada sharp pilot sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com












 Golden palms for Chanel


For Rashida Jones, I thought that this pair of Chanel oval golden sunglasses would be perfect!

First: it matches with the dress! Second: her hair style is perfect to wear it! Third: they are amazing.


Chanel oval 18k gold lenses – www.iamitalian.com 





Chanel oval 18k gold lenses – www.iamitalian.com









Red Chanel chains for the witch!


Emma Watson is incredible in this Dior dress, so, I’ve decided that she needs wear and incredible pair of sunglasses!

Chanel, as usual, has all the answers! 😉

Red as the dress, this pair of Chanel, with chains on both temples, is chic and easy-going, but elegant and sophisticated as Emma is.

Chanel red chain sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com






Chanel red chain sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com









A new girl with a new pair of sunglasses!


Don’t you think that Zoe Deschanel looks like a Disney princess or a doll here? She’s so cute and she has such a sweet expression that I thought that Chanel ribbons sunglasses in this creamy color would be perfect for her! <3



Chanel polarized sunglasses creamy pink leather ribbons – www.iamitalian.com 





Chanel polarized sunglasses creamy pink leather ribbons – www.iamitalian.com 











 Sexy Amber Heard!


The sexy Amber Heard deserves a sexy pair fo sunglasses!  The best ones for her are the Giorgio Armani’s velvet cat eye shades with gold plated temples.

I love the color of her dress and I think she would look amazing with these sunnies on!

Giorgio Armani cat eye sunglasses gold plated – www.iamitalian.com






Giorgio Armani cat eye sunglasses gold plated – www.iamitalian.com













The Queen wears Dolce & Gabbana filigrana


This pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses replicates perfectly, on the temples, the lace of Cate Blanchett’s dress.

Looking at her I’ll always see Queen Elizabeth the first, so she definitely needs a pair of regal sunglasses! :)


Dolce & Gabbana Filigrana sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com 



Dolce & Gabbana Filigrana sunglasses – www.iamitalian.com