Prada Baroque

Somebody said “Less is more”… well, in this case, forget about it! We are going to talk about the most rich period in the history of art: the baroque!

Actually, in Italy, we are pretty proud about that: all the most beautiful historical buildings have this style and that’s why, when you look at a picture of an Italian street, you can recognize it!

But, there’s one thing that, today, makes me prouder to be italian: Prada, the genius which has created these fantastic baroque/neoclassical style sunnies.

A wavy shape caresses your skin, while the round frame covers your eyes with an hard/soft touch that makes your glance more sophisticated and hypnotic.

These are the characteristics of this style: the opulent guise of the design which provoke in who is watching a sort of astonishment and amazement, capturing attention, mind and soul at the same time.

But, Prada, with its neoclassical touch, cancels the horror vacui of the baroque richness and expresses the essential beauty  of a marble Grace’s curl carved by an amazing Antonio Canova. The skin is tender and scented, like if it would be real, and the curves of the shiny stone reflect the light like the lenses.


















Pride and Prejudice – Mr Darcy’s house scene


Stunning and unique. Perfect for the Divas. Object of Desire.

Rococo curls, shapely curves, friezes and bas-relief effects in colour combinations. A deluxe eyewear with a decidedly Baroque style, paying homage to colour, fun and originality. A rich and impactful style by Prada that exudes the eclectic, fun and bold nature of the 18th century sophistication.

Are you highly inspired and representative of the ornate, playful and elaborate Baroque trend? Lady, it is exactly the luxurious and exquisite style for you!


Milano – Duomo

Napoli – Royal Palace






Long life to the bizarre!
With Baroque les François would be indicated something that is weird and eccentric and what is the perfect time to dare if not in summer??
For the summer time Prada had presented an extravagant and curvy collection… and how Franca Sozzani teaching: curvy is sexy!
So ladies don’t be shy, become exaggerate, become bizarre, become Prada!!
” I love the kind of beauty that you find in antiquity. I find it sublime, an abstraction of ideal beauty, of perfect beauty, of absolute beauty. If I am honest, I am a little bored with the contemporary, even with contemporary art and design.”

Miuccia Prada

from Schiapparelli & Prada
Impossible Coversations



Library – 5th av NYC


view from a rooftop – NYC