I saw them and I wanted them, all in less than one second.
So different, so 50′, so sophisticated, so  ironic!
They are not just sunglasses: they are a movie scene, a story about a pic nic basket on the back seat of a  huge pink Cadillac!
Girls were not managers but managers’ wives, but
starting to “rock around the clock “…that’s when it’s all begun!






La Dolce Vita… now and then!



Bringing us back to a time gone by these sunglasses are exquisitely retro, yet at the same time very classic and even progressive. They would elegantly enhance a pastel coloured outfit, or could be combined wonderfully with multiple layers, bright colours and unlikely textures. A rainbow of vintage zest to be worn with bright red lipstick magically transformed you into that rebel actress of the roaring 50’s that you’ve always wanted to be, in her convertible Cadillac, amongst saucy pinups, raging flames and thundering car engines. Definitely a must have for the summer season that is just around the corner.


Welcome back to the 50’s!!!

Doesn’t exist any age epoch-making like the mid-century?
Prada have learned the lesson and presents for the
spring-summer 2012 an amusing and witty collection inspired by the mythical 50’s!

Rook’n’roll summer girl!!