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Seba, you left Italy when you very young, why did you decided to leave and what brought you to Japan?


I haven’t decided to go to Japan in first place, but it was and idea that started to grow slowly. Thanks to my job as a model, I first move from my a little hometown to Milan, then France and, finally Asia. At first, I went to Hong Kong, later on to Taiwan. I have arrived in Japan in 2009, and, at the very beginning, I fell in love with this country; most of all because of the music, fashion and life style. Then, in 2010, I decided to move there permanently when I was offered to act in a TV show.


 What aspect of your being Italian has helped you when you arrived in Japan?


I reckon that it has helped, in a certain way. At the end of the day, the “made in Italy” has its allure everywhere! Moreover, the fact that I have been able to speak Japanese quite well since my first year there and my job in the fashion world made the rest.


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You are an absolutely authentic, positive, enthusiastic, curious and creative person. Is this the incredible mix that you inspire with your music?


Absolutely! I try to spread what I am through my music and my modelling. I think that, thanks to the fact that I had the chance to travel a lot, I have been influenced by different kind of music and trends that made my style more international and more, I hope, original. This is what I want to propose in my new album as a soloist.  



Your music is a continuous evolution, where is it bringing you right now?


I play in the Ecthelion and, at the moment, I’m also pretty concentrated on a soloist career. The album I’m working on right now, will be recorded most of all in Germany and will be produced by one of the best German producers. Our music is something that, I think, has never been heard before and that really look at the future of music. It is a mix between pop, combined with dup-step and hard-core elements. Also some of my friends from the music and fashion world have collaborated with me: Aoi (SHAZNA), Yukimi (ex Unite), Yuki (ex Mix Speakers Inc), Nimo (ex ACE), Show (Vaastu),  Louie (Rose Noire), Misha Janette, Hikaru Cho, Mitsuhiro Higuchi, dubbybunny, amihamu, minori, kizasi and Si Oux.



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You have a very eclectic look and it seems you really like playing with fashion. Do you style yourself all alone, or do you ask for some help? Could you also tell us your favorite places to go shopping in Tokyo?


My style is evolving a lot in this period of my life, even if a try to be faithful to my fashion origins. I also try to combine some elements from the manga/videogames world, with haute couture pieces, most of the time made in Japan; such as Christian Dada, Ato, John Lawrence Sullivan, 99%is, Yohji Yamamoto, runurunu. I also love so international designers and some of my favourites are: J.W.Anderson, Joy Rich, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, BLK DNM, Marc Jacobs, Casely-Hayford, Piece D’Anarchive, UEG and Alexander Wang.

My favourite places in Tokyo to go shopping are ICON, Candy, Dog, and L aoyama

Moreover lately, the fashion journalist Misha Janette, who has also worked with styling per Nicki Minaj, Koda Kumi and the kpop group SPICA, personal styles me sometime and she is also in charge of the look of my outift for the music video “Fallen” & “Never Walk Alone”. So, I hope to show you a new Seba, more up to date! serafini sebastiano



From 0 to 10, how much importance to you give to the choice of the right pair of sunglasses/eyeglasses to define you look?

I would say 10. They are a fundamental accessory!



Do you always wear sunglasses?

Yes, even if, I think, I don’t wear them so often when I go back home in Italy.


Here, some super quick final questions for you!



Your most important quality: I’m very determinate

Your worst lack: I’m very glutton

Your passion: Cats!

Your dream: Being able to fly


Can you tell your nationality?

I am Italian too!




You can find Seba’s new song Fallen available on iTunes!

click here and enjoy!

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