Sunglasses hairdo with Fendi Chanel and Prada :)







Hi guys! For this Thursday post I want to answer a question that I’ve been asked a lot of times: how do I choose the hairdo for my shootings?

Actually, the answer is very simple: it depends on the mood that I want to give to the pair of sunglasses that I’m wearing (and, also, on my inspiration! :) )


So, here, I’ve decided to show you some hairstyles matched with the hottest sunglasses of the season. This is how I’d wear them and why and what’s their inspiration!


Let’s have a look! :)
















Fishtail Braid for a beach look:


For this pair of young and fresh Fendi sunglasses I imagine a beach look! Very comfy but stylish! Moreover this pair of shades is really big and needs “space” to be appreciated entirely, so, I wouldn’t let my hair down to cover it.








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Fishtail Updo for a sophisticated allure:

Using again the fishtail, you can create a very sophisticated undo that, according to me, would be perfect for this pair of creamy and very light Chanel sunglasses. These shades are like a soft touch of powder, elegant and discrete but, at the same time, very effective and refined. The best way to exalt them is to combine them with a very sophisticated and minimal look. This fishtail updo would be perfect!











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Fishtail headband for a new-vintage look:


For this pair of Prada round sunglasses I thought about a vintage 60s look but with a up-to-date style. What about a headband made with a fishtail? I think this is a very fun, young and fresh solution! :)












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