The butterfly effect: GUCCI Flora Collection 2012

I am Italian, and I love Gucci new flora collection.
Imagine to sit on a white wall, the summer breeze, a Capri view…
The flowers’ parfume.
Now close your eyes. Was it a dream?

What else could you wear? Gucci Flora sunglasses.



A big welcome for our new correspondent from China! Ilaria, you are SO IamItalian, girl!










Have you seen it?
Can you hear it? It’s the sound of soft wings which hit the air like a falling feather!
Swish… swish…
Wow! It’s a butterfly! I can see it flying sweetly over my head.
What it is doing?
Wait… it is stopping on the top of my nose..
It’s so wonderfull! Now I watch the world throught out its wings: everything is pink, yellow, light blue and grass green.
Suddenly, like in a fairytale, they turns into the finest crystal…
Are you sure it is just a dream? My dear, these are the new Gucci Flora sunglasses.




Rallying cry colors!


For this summer Gucci has refreshed one of their iconic motifs: flora pattern!

Thanks’ to a five new Fragrances in the Flora Garden collection Gucci has presented a lovely, colorful sunglasses collection available in as much brilliant, funny shades.

Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Generous Violet and Glorious Mandarin here we are the summer’s colors for the Gucci women embody by the angelic Abbey Lee Kershaw.

So ladies choose your tints and starting to live in a colorful, humorous world!!


Met – Monet, Water lilies

Central Park