The Devil wears…. Dolce&Gabbana

Girls, start dreamin’:

I’ve been there!

The best party ever at Dolce&Gabbana Gold?
I got it!

The hottest model in the world, David Gandy, by your side?
I met HIM!

A Martini with Bianca Balti?

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana?
So classy! So Italian!

A preview of all the new eyeglasses collections?
Yes! I tried them all!

Three days hanging around the glamour city with E.?

Meeting a lot of people of the fashion world?
Well… let me say: I LOVE my job!


Can you believe it? Last month I was just an university student!
Now? I don’t need any more to go around pretending to be Andrea Sacks working for Anna W- … Sorry! Miranda Priestley!
It’s time to let dreams come true!
To be the protagonist in my own movie!
Do you have any idea for the soundtrack, girls ?





Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in “Ieri, Oggi, Domani” 1963

We can’t do this, Augu! We can’t do this!
We have to wait a week….

A Mediterranean atmosphere with a feel of yesteryear. The perfect setting this summer is definitely the bright and veracious Sicily with the unmistakable charm, pride and determination of its people. Authentic bodies, intense eyes, and fluid movements express themselves throughout these quintessential colour printed outfits that evoke a sense of sun, taste, earth, youth and the old Italian traditions ~ my favourite is the red chili-pepper skirt/top: classy and beautiful for a sophisticated feminine 50’s & glam attitude along with a touch of sex appeal infused in to it!

Girls, the “Summer recipe” suggests: colour, vibrancy, personality, a pinch of art and tastefulness! Follow the sun and you’ll be superb, from head to toe!

This summer Dolce & Gabbana has decided to give us a wave of excitement in typical Italian style of course!
Peppers, pomegranates, sunflowers, everything shout cheerfulness!
More than usual the two Italians stylists have presented a self-confident woman, sexy and fun! But what it’s more important they have decided to give us a very important lesson: it doesn’t matter about the age, a woman can be sexy and charming no matter the year!
To support that theory they have choosen for their advertising campaign two Italian’s eminence: Monica Bellucci (48) and Bianca Balti (28). The two models are by now familiar with the stylists but the really news is in the additional models: all Italians, mainly Sicilians and everyday people not only professionals.
So ladies don’t worry about your age or your body type, feel self-confident, feel sensual and have fun… it’s summer time!